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Our only nanobubble generator with onboard oxygen concentration.

Features & Benefits

Onboard Oxygen

The NEO is our only Nanobubble Generator equipped with an onboard oxygen concentrator. Thanks to this, the NEO delivers nanobubbles comprised of 93% oxygen, as opposed to 21% for Nanobubble Generators using ambient air concentrators. This means faster results with the same flow speed as other Nanobubble Generators.

Scalable to Fit Your Needs

The NEO can scale from treating 50 gallons of water per minute all the way up to 250 gallons per minute, allowing you to reap the benefits of concentrated oxygen nanobubbles for many pond and lake sizes. With multiple options for voltage, the NEO can also be adjusted to fit your power limitations.

Support Lake Ecosystem

The NEO provides many of the environmental benefits of Nanobubble Generators, but magnified four-fold thanks to the concentrated oxygen level in the nanobubbles. Thanks to its ability to increase the dissolved oxygen (DO) level of a water body, the NEO provides a high oxygen environment so that good bacteria, fish, and native plant life may thrive.

Improve Water Quality

The concentrated oxygen nanobubbles injected into the lake water support water quality by increasing DO, which provides an ideal environment for good bacteria to break down sediment, muck and nutrient buildups. Nanobubbles also destroy algae blooms and midge fly populations. These factors all contribute to a healthier, clearer lake.

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