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Clear 150 | $18,995

Pay as little as $834 per month when you choose affirm at checkout

A powerful shore mounted Nanobubble Generator for cleaning large lakes and impaired waters.

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Features & Benefits

Unobtrusive but Powerful

The Clear 150 has a small footprint, taking up only six square feet. It produces less than 65 decibels of sound when running, comparable to the volume of a running air conditioner. Despite its inconspicuous nature, it is still oxygenates 150 gallons of water per minute.

Monitoring Solutions

The Clear 150 arrives with built-in gas and water pressure meters. There is also an option to include remote monitoring of equipment and factors of water quality (such as DO, pH, ORP, and temperature), allowing for efficient management of your nanobubble generator

Support Lake Ecosystem

The Clear 150 encourages the many environmental benefits of Nanobubble Generators, thanks to its ability to increase the dissolved oxygen (DO) level of a water body. Fish and other aquatic life need oxygen to breathe, so an increased DO could prevent fish kills and other harm to wildlife in lakes.

Improve Water Quality

The nanobubbles injected into the lake water by the Clear 150 support water quality by directly increasing DO. Sediment, muck, and nutrient buildups are broken down by the oxygen. Oxygen Nanobubbles also destroy algae blooms and midge fly populations. This contributes to healthier, clearer water bodies.

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Upgrade: Clear 150 Enriched

This optional upgrade to the Clear 150 Nanobubble generator makes an already powerful machine even better! Upgrade to the enriched model for twice as much oxygenation with a oxygen compressor that has three times the power of the base model. This upgrade will make your lake clear and healthy faster than any other model.

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Before and After

See the before and after evidence of how Nanobubble Generators have improved lakes and ponds. Get an idea of how it might affect your local pond or lake. Read the stories of these wonderful lakes by clicking on the image!

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