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Our Nanobubble Generator Lineup

At Lake Restore, we are dedicated to restoring the natural beauty of ponds and lakes by:

Improving water quality and clarity

Mitigating algae 

Digesting Muck    

Reducing odors

Controlling midge flies   

Enhancing ecosystem health   

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PRODUCTS: Products
Kingfisher nanobubble generator


The Kingfisher is our lightest nanobubble generator. Weighing only 55 pounds, it retains a flow rate of 40 gallons per minute. It is most useful for small water bodies, such as golf course water features, ponds, and residential lakefronts. 

Interest-free payments of as low as $291 when you choose affirm at checkout

Clear 150 nanobubble generator front view

CLEAR 150 | $18,995+

The Clear 150 is our heavy-duty nanobubble generator for those who need improvement in water quality of a large pond or bay. It boasts an impressive flow rate of 150 gallons per minute, perfect for larger treatment areas, heavily impaired ponds, and small irrigation reservoirs. It has built-in, optional remote equipment and water quality monitoring.

Interest-free payments of as low as $833 when you choose affirm at checkout

NEO | $29,995+

The NEO is an extremely customizable Nanobubble Generator that can be specifically built to suit the needs of any lake or pond. Equipped with an oxygen concentrator, the NEO saturates water with nanobubbles comprised of 93% oxygen for superior treatment of lake and pond issues.

Interest-free payment plan available

NEO moleaer nanobubble generator

TITAN | $250,000+

The Titan is our largest nanobubble generator, capable of treating up to 5,000 gallons of water per minute. It is completely customizable and scalable, it can even be built inside of a mobile trailer! The titan is perfect for those who want to achieve fast results or treat a very large volume of water.

Interest-free payment plan available

Titan moleaer nanobubble generator
Kingfisher nanobubble generator
Clear 150 nanobubble generator
Neo nanobubble generator water treatment
Titan nanobubble generator pond treatment
Before and After

See the before and after evidence of how Nanobubble Generators have improved the water and ecosystem of lakes and ponds. Get an idea of how it might affect your local pond or lake.

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