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TITAN | $250,000+

Interest-free payment plan available

A massive and completely customizable nanobubble generator for large applications

Features & Benefits


The TITAN is a skid-mounted nanobubble generator that can be adapted for any system or application. It can be ordered with a gas source and pump attached (to fit your specifications), or may be ordered without a gas source or pump if you have your own method to provide gas or pump water. It can even be attached to a trailer for easy mobility!


The TITAN can be modified to treat anywhere from 500 to 5,000 gallons of water per minute. With this wide of a range, you can expect faster results over a larger treatment area than with other Nanobubble Generators. For an even greater effect, the TITAN can be equipped with an oxygen concentrator to deliver 93% oxygen nanobubbles.

Support Lake Ecosystem

The TITAN comes with the many environmental benefits of Nanobubble Generators, thanks to its ability to increase the dissolved oxygen (DO) level of a water body. Fish and other aquatic life need oxygen to breathe, so an increased DO could prevent fish kills and other harm to wildlife in lakes.

Improve Water Quality

The nanobubbles injected into the lake water support water quality by directly increasing DO, which oxidizes and breaks down sediment, muck and nutrient buildups. Nanobubbles also destroy algae blooms and midge fly populations. These factors all contribute to a healthier, clearer lake/waterfront.

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