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Case Studies

Peacock Gap Lagoon

Peacock Gap Lagoon, HOA lake/pond, houses around clean pond, palm trees around lake in california

Residents installed a Clear 150 Nanobubble Generator at this community pond in 2020. In less than 6 months, dissolved oxygen doubled, harmful algal blooms were eliminated, and fish kills were prevented. One resident shared, "The nanobubble generator has been a critical component to restoring the lagoon and aquatic health.”


Private Golf Club

Wooden bridge over a reflective pond at a florida golf club. moleaer nanobubble generator pond treatment.

Following complaints about foul odors and uncontrolled algae blooms, management installed a Clear 150 and Kingfisher Nanobubble Generator to treat the lake at their 18th hole. In under six months of operation, foul odors and algae blooms were minimized, and water clarity greatly improved.


SOLitude Lake Management

Florida pond managed by SOLitude lake management, treated with nanobubble generator for algae control and muck reduction

SOLitude is the nation's leading lake management company. One of their Florida lakes was unresponsive to chemical treatments. Three weeks after installing a Clear 150 Nanobubble Generator, SOLitude noticed elimination of algal blooms, full dissolved oxygen saturation, improved water quality, and elimination of a 6 inch layer of muck


Wisconsin Trout Pond

Wild trout fish in a net captured from a trout pond in Wisconsin. Healthy trout due to high dissolved oxygen in water.

The owner of this recreationally fished trout pond struggled with worsening algal blooms and weeds, along with unhealthy fish. Three months after installation of a Clear 50 Nanobubble Generator, fish health greatly improved and algal blooms were reduced


Mexico Golf Club

Pond owned by a golf club in mexico is clear and clean due to nanobubble treatment

Las Lomas Golf Club in Guadalajara, Mexico was struggling with low dissolved oxygen levels, leading to unsightly algal blooms and foul odors. Under a week after installing a Clear 150, dissolved oxygen levels increased eight fold. This resulted in a massive improvement in water quality, clarity, and odor.


The Sands HOA

Sun shining on clean pond located in a homeowner's association. treated with nanobubbles


Residents around the sands 15-acre community lake grappled with fish kills, midge fly outbreaks, and water quality issues, making the lake more of a nuisance than an amenity. Since installation of a Clear 150 Nanobubble Generator, there have been zero fish kills and minimal midge fly outbreaks.

Lake Elsinore Blue-Green Algae

Lake Elsinore's Blue-Green algae problem fixed through nanobubble generation. Trees falling into gross green lake

Lake Elsinore is the largest freshwater lake in Southern California. The lake was closed in 2016 due to high levels of toxins produced by blue-green algae. In 2019, lake management conducted an experiment on the effects of a Nanobubble treatment. Nanobubbles caused a 40% reduction in Blue-Green algae


Lake Theresa Nutrient Reduction

Graph of the nutrient reduction potential of nanobubble generators. Nitrogen and Phosphorus levels in polluted waters reduced greatly

The City of Orlando desired a sustainable method to reduce nutrient pollution and fix water quality issues in one of their many lakes. In under 2 years, total nitrogen was reduced by 58% and total phosphorus levels were brought near zero. This massive benefit led to the installation of nanobubble generators in many of their other lakes


Palm Springs Pond Maintenance

majestic natural pond in palm springs. fields of flowers and clear waters in a residential pond

A pond maintenance company in Palm Springs struggled to find a way to treat the low clarity and foul odor issues in this golf course pond due to aesthetic requirements. The Nanobubble Generator met the aesthetic requirements, and just a month after installation, clarity depth tripled and dissolved oxygen doubled, eliminating foul odors.


Xcaret Resort and Water Park

Water park in mexico treated with nanobubble generator. Beautiful clean flowing river.

Xcaret resort heard about the success of Nanobubble Generators in treating algae, and decided to install two 200 gallon per minute units to treat the algae problem at their nine million gallon water park. After installation, water quality and clarity greatly improved, and the algae problem was mitigated.


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