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Clear 150 Nanobubble Generator

Our flagship heavy duty nanobubble generator! This powerful nanobubble generator boasts a flow rate of 150 gallons per minute, meaning it treats 216,000 gallons of water per day with nanobubbles. It can be used to oxygenate and improve large ponds or small lakes, and is a long term solution for many common lake and pond issues.


Nanobubbles are smaller than the human eye can see, providing numerous unique properties. Neutral buoyancy and physical stability allows each bubble to remain suspended in the water column for up to 2 months. Nanobubbles have a negative surface charge that attracts small solid particles, allowing things like nutirents and oils to clump together and be easily removed. Due to their small size, Nanobubbles can function as solid particles, scouring solid surfaces like sandpaper and removing algae and contaminants. Nanobubbles pop when coming into contact with the muck layer and many types of algae, killing the algae cell and releasing oxygen into the muck layer.


Nanobubble Generators such as the Clear 150 are a long term, sustainable solution for keeping lakes and ponds healthy and clean. When a Clear 150 is permanently installed (weather permitting), fewer chemical treatments will be required, odor will be eliminated, the muck layer will slowly dissappear, algae blooms will be massively reduced, mass fish kills will be eliminated, and dissolved oxygen will be improved.


Upgrade to the enriched model for improved oxygen delivery and a higher gas flow rate. 

Clear 150 Nanobubble Generator

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