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Got Muck or Algae?
Transform your pond or lake with a Nanobubble solution.


Check out our state-of-the art Nanobubble Generators and see how they can improve the quality and clarity of your lake or pond.


Get in contact with an expert to chat about how we can help you make your lake or pond more enjoyable today.


Learn about common problems in ponds and lakes, and the solutions that are available for addressing these problems.

Kingfisher nanobubble generator on recreational pond

Our Mission

We're dedicated to enhancing lake and pond water quality using chemical-free, sustainable methods and expertise. Our state-of-the art Nanobubble Generator (pictured) manufactured by Moleaer injects tiny, neutrally buoyant bubbles (2500x smaller than a grain of sand) into the water column. Nanobubbles oxidize harmful chemicals and nutrients. They also increase the efficiency of aerobic, muck digesting bacteria while making the lake inhospitable for anaerobic, odor-producing bacteria and algae. After getting rid of muck and algae, it slowly increases dissolved oxygen levels.

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Learn why Nanobubble technology is being adopted around the world for surface water applications. Nanobubble technology gives nature a helping hand in purifying and cleansing itself of excessive nutrients, runoff, and pathogens. The Moleaer Kingfisher and Clear 150 enhance water quality, digest muck, and improve fish health and overall ecosystem health.

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