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Nanobubbles Destroy Algae and Muck

Updated: Feb 18

Among many other benefits, nanobubbles generators can serve as a long term solution for mitigating and removing blue-green algae (a form of cyanobacteria) and other forms of algae in lakes and ponds.

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How is this Possible?

Nanobubbles are able to do this thanks to their powerful ability to deliver oxygen directly into water bodies. Oxygen Nanobubbles, when injected into water, naturally produce hydroxyl radicals, one of the most powerful known oxidizing agents. These radicals react with nutrients and destroy their chemical structure. Phosphate and nitrate nutrients are often found in large amounts in ponds due to pollution from the use of fertilizers. These harmful nutrients can feed algal blooms, causing them to destroy the natural beauty of a pond.

Phosphates are necessary building blocks for DNA, cell membranes, and other substances that are important for algae and blue-green algae to reproduce. By starving the algae of necessary nutrients, they are unable to reproduce and the algae population will slowly die off over time.

Algae Doesn't Stand a Chance:

Once a Nanobubble generator has reduced the algae population to a minimal level, you will be left with a safe, clean, and crystal clear pond that you can be proud to boast about to friends and family.

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