Lake analyses for clean environments

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Peer-reviewed papers (56)
2016. Larocque-Tobler et al.
  Larocque-Tobler, I., Filipiak, J., Tylmann, W., Bonk, A., Grosjean, M., Comparison between chironomid-inferred mean-August temperature from varved Lake Żabińskie (Poland) and instrumental data since 1896 AD.
 Quaternary Science Reviews
Massaferro and Larocque-Tobler I.
 Using a newly developed chironomid transfer function for reconstructing mean annual air temperature at Lake Potrok Aike, Patagonia, Argentina.
 Ecological Indicators 24: 201-210
Brooks et al.
 Chironomids can be reliable proxies for Holocene temperatures. A comment on Velle et al., 2010.
 The Holocene 22: 1482-1494
Trachsel et al.
  Multi-archive summer temperature reconstruction for the European Alps, AD 1053 – 1996
  Quaternary Science Reviews 46: 66-79
Larocque-Tobler et al.
  A last millennium temperature reconstruction using chironomids preserved in sediments of anoxic Seebergsee (Switzerland): consensus at local, regional, and Central European scales.
  Quaternary Science Reviews 41: 49–56