Lake analyses for clean environments

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Environmental Monitoring

Quantify the actual state of your lake(s)

Compared the baseline to today's conditions

Chironomids, in particular, are powerful bio-indicators of lake's status

The L.A.K.E.S. Institute provides biological, chemical and sedimentological monitoring of the lake and its catchment (inflows, outflows, vegetation). It can answer questions such as:

- What are the organisms living in your lake? Are they indigenous?

- What are the physico-chemical parameters of your lake? Have they changed through time?

- What is the input (chemical, sedimentlogical) in your lake from the inflows and the catchment?

L.A.K.E.S provides services to your personal needs on monitoring. The analyses offered are:

- Water chemical analyses
- Biological analyses (phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthos, macrophytes)
- Sedimentological analyses
- Paleolimnological analyses (indicators preserved in lake sediment)