Lake analyses for clean environments

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Field work
Lake/River water analysis
Catchment description
Sampling for biological (phytoplankton,
zooplankton, benthos)
Bathymetric map
Sediment traps
Bathymetric map
  Biological analyses
Benthos, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, Macrophytes
Chironomids, Cladocera, Chrysophytes, Diatoms, Pollen, charcoal
   XRF analysis
 Complete core sent to laboratory, interpretation of the results by Dr. St├ęphanie Cuven
 Chemical analyses with kits
Phosphorus, Phosphate, Nitrates, Ammonia and other on request
 Chemical analyses with ICP-MS
 Water samples
Sediment samples
 Sedimentological analysis
 Surface sediment (LOI, grain size, image analysis by S. Cuven)
Core sediment (LOI, grain size, image analysis by S. Cuven)
 Application of training set
Chironomids (Sweden, Canada, Poland)
Diatoms, chrysophytes (by Sergi Pla-Rabes)
 Report writing, scientific papers